Why You Should Buy Products Made In The USA

By | August 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered why you should buy products made in the USA?why you should buy products made in the USA

One of the goals of Forever USA Made is to continually educate our visitors on the benefits that come with purchasing products that are made in America.

We will make this article an ongoing project that we would love you to participate in.

As the site grows, we will revisit this article from time to time and share some of the input that our visitors share.

Just as buying products made in the USA benefits all Americans, this website gives us the opportunity to grow together as a community.

This website is a platform for all of us to come together and promote our own self interests as consumers.

Forever USA Made is a voice and an opportunity for all of us to come together and stop the bleeding of American wealth and prosperity to often times hostile, dictatorial and communist foreign governments!

Why You Should Buy Products Made In The USA

There are many reasons why you should be buying products that are made in the USA.

Let’s get this post started with a few reasons why we think you should be buying American.

There will be a comment section at the bottom of the article and we welcome any and all comments or questions you may have.

We will gladly add your comments & opinions and share them with the world.

The true economic power of America resides directly in the hands of the American consumer. The purchasing decisions that we make affect not only every person living in America today, but every future generation to come.

Together, we can ensure economic prosperity and freedom for every American by simply shifting a small portion of our spending to American made goods.


Keep Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

When we say keep your money where your mouth is, we mean it quite literally.

As an American, when you buy products that are made here, the money you spend supports American jobs that feed us.

It also supports the American government by way of taxes, which in turn allows our government to ensure that the working conditions of all Americans are held to a quality standard.

When you buy foreign made goods, the bottom line profit will return to that countries coffers.

While the American government does collect taxes on imports, the money collected would pale in comparison to the amount that would have been collected had the products been made here in the first place.

When you buy products that are made here, the bottom line profit stays here.

It’s time we stopped feeding the coffers of foreign governments who treat their people like disposable garbage!

Stop The Sweat Shops!

Did the above section seem a little harsh?

The sad and ugly truth is that many of the foreign made products that are dumped in this country every day from countries like China, India and Pakistan are produced in sweat shops, with child and slave labor.child labor in Asia

Can you imagine your own children being forced to work 16 hour days for literally pennies?

Well neither can I.

I don’t want the USA to become anything like that.

Don’t get sucked into the trap that some will feed you. Slave labor is alive and thriving China. According to an article by National Review, the communist Chinese government operates more than 1,000 slave labor camps where “inmates” work 15 hour days, followed by 2 hours of indoctrination each day.

After a mush meal, it’s off to bed on the floor til 0530 HRS, when they get back up and start it all over again!

Although a small percentage of these “inmates” may genuinely be criminals, the vast majority are people who refuse to stop practicing religion, oppose communism, or simply promote FREEDOM.

What these governments do is force people to work for pennies, while the select few make money that would sicken you.

The US government is one of the few who enforce laws that prevent this garbage from happening!

When you buy a product that proudly displays the “Made In USA” tag, you can rest assured that they were produced by American workers who are protected by US government laws and regulations that guarantee a minimum wage and safe working conditions.

Create Jobs For Your Kids And Future Generations

The American Manufacturing Industry is the backbone of this country.

We have become a country that relies too heavily on the service industry.

The sad fact is that when a manufacturing process is outsourced to a foreign country, that process, or closed american factoryproduct, will most likely never return to the USA.

You see it all across the Midwest where I’m from.

Closed down factories and ruined neighborhoods litter the landscape.


Because manufacturing jobs have deserted once strong communities and have been exported to foreign countries.

This has erased millions of good paying American jobs, and even more importantly, it has erased the opportunity for our own kids and generations to come.

When you buy American made products, you ensure investment and opportunity for everyone.

Need proof?

According to an ABC News report, if Americans would spend just $3.33 more per year on goods made in the USA, we could create 10,000 new jobs.

To break that down a little further, if we hypothetically spent $33.30 more per year on American made goods, we could potentially create 100,000 new jobs.

If we would all make a small effort, the opportunity for our future is huge.

Manufacturing Means Wealth Creation

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that America has become too much of a service oriented workforce.

Having a thriving service industry does provide jobs, but I ask, how long can it last?

Without industry to service, you eventually run out of jobs in the service industry, which is what I see happening now.

On average, every manufacturing job created will in turn create 3 service jobs.

Since 2001, The United States of America has lost 5,000,000,000 manufacturing jobs to China and other southeast Asian countries!

47,000 shuttered US factories!

5 million lost manufacturing jobs = approximately 15 million service related jobs lost & trillions of dollars of American wealth!

Our unemployment problems are being created by our own addiction to foreign made goods.

Nearly 60% of everything purchased in the USA is imported from foreign countries. As a country, this is simply not a sustainable practice.

We are literally working against our own self interests.

If we as a nation are not producing and exporting more than we are importing and buying, then we are not creating wealth and opportunity!

China will soon surpass the US as the #1 consumers in the world.


It’s not because of population numbers, it’s simply because they are selling much more than they are buying.

When we manufacture things, we produce wealth for our own country.

Economists & Fair Trade

Does the word economists conjure images of smart people who know everything a bout the economy?

The lie perpetrated by “some” economists is this:

If we buy foreign made products, this will give the foreign population money to buy American made fair tradeproducts.

Please excuse my French while I and most other sane people call BULLSHIT.

Foreign governments place huge import taxes on American products. The taxes are high enough that it puts the price out of reach for most of their consumers.

Meanwhile, goods imported to the USA are taxed at a very low rate.

Is free trade a good thing?

Yes and no.

While we could sit and complain ( And we should! ) that our government has put us into a lot of bad trade deals, the fact is this:


Free trade is a good thing, but it has to be fair.

We should absolutely refuse to participate in trade with a country that taxes our imports at 60% and in return we let that country dump junk at 5% – 10%.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Make free trade fair, or make it go away.

Why has our government gotten us into so many bad trade deals? I will not pretend to know the answer to this mystery.

What I do know, is we can force these jobs back to America if we buy American. If we refuse to buy a foreign product, then they can’t make it.

Remember, just $3.33 more per year toward American made goods can create 10,000 manufacturing jobs.

Our Environment

Ever think about how all those cheap products make it to your local store?

The majority of the products arriving from countries like China make their way to America via container ships.pollution in china

So, raw materials are shipped to China. Chinese factories that use manufacturing processes that are sub par from an environmental standpoint churn out sub par products by the millions, emitting tons upon tons of pollution.

Slave labor and sweat hops slug along polluting the environment at a pace that should make any sane person cringe.

Now that the materials have been shipped & the end products complete, its time to start the shipping process all over again.

These massive container ships head out to their various destinations, mainly the USA & Europe, spewing more pollution into the air.

An average 8,000 TEU container ship sailing at 24 knots would consume roughly 225 tons of bunker fuel per day. TEU stands for  20 foot equivalent unit. So, an 8,000 TEU container ship would hold approximately 8,000 average sized 20 foot long containers.

If you’ve never heard of bunker fuel, it’s a thick black petroleum based fuel containing roughly 5 times the amount of sulfur you would find in the fuel you put in your car.

2.2 pounds of bunker fuel contains more sulfur than 2 1/2 Tons of road grade diesel fuel.

This entire pollution producing process for what? A few extra dollars of profit for a very select few.

Remember, if we don’t buy it, they can’t make it!

Let’s continue the conversation on why you should buy products made in the USA together!

Leave a comment below and we will get back with you A.S.A.P.

Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy & Lori

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