What Lawn Mowers Are Made In The USA?

By | March 14, 2019

So you need to buy a new lawn mower, but you want to know what lawn mowers are made in the USA.what lawn mowers are made in the usa

Does anyone even make lawn mowers in America anymore?

First of all, we salute you for for making an effort to search for American made products!

If every American would shift just a small portion of the money they spend to products made here, we could virtually eliminate the unemployment problem and start re-building the American dream for everyone.

In this article, we will take a look at 2 of our top recommended American lawn and outdoor equipment manufacturers who make lawn mowers right here in America, providing thousands of good paying jobs for American workers.

Let’s get this post started and find out what lawn mowers are made in the USA.

What Lawn Mowers Are Made In The USA? – Our Top 2

Here are our top rated American made walk behind & riding lawn mowers.

Walk Behind Lawn Mower – Snapper

Snapper - American Made Lawn Mower

When it comes to walk behind lawn mowers, the Snapper brand lawn mower has long been synonymous with the word quality.

Soon after World War II, a businessman from Georgia named William R. Smith recognized that with the growth of post war suburban America, there would come an ever increasing need for lawn care equipment.

In 1951, William purchased a patent for a rotary blade mower and soon after the very first Snapper lawn mower was born.

Within a month, Snapper had produced almost 4,000 mowers to meet the increasing demand of suburban America.

The original Snapper featured a covered engine and cutting blades that made the mower much safer and easier to operate.

The Snapper brand took off quickly due to it’s innovative safety features and extreme commitment to quality. William was a firm believer that people would be willing to spend a little more for a quality product.

Snapper filed 50 patents to improve lawn mower design.

In 1954, operations were moved into a large scale manufacturing plant in Mcdonough Georgia, where they started making riding lawn mowers also.

Snapper expanded quickly and were acquired by, or merged with several companies in the 50’s, 60’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

In 2004, another great American company, Briggs & Stratton, purchased the Snapper brand and still manufactures Snapper brand products right here in America.

Today, Snapper produces 150 models of lawn mowers and other various lawn maintenance products. Snapper brand products are consistently ranked best buys.

P.S. If you love self propelled lawn mowers, thank the innovators at Snapper!

Snapper – Quality that’s easy to use, easy to own & made in the USA.

We at ForeverUSAMade applaud the Snapper brand for its commitment to the American worker and for producing top quality products right here at home!


Riding Lawn Mower – Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet American made riding lawn mower

When it comes to riding lawn mowers, few brands can compete with the quality and innovation that comes with the Cub Cadet name.

The Cub Cadet brand came to life in 1960 when International Harvester introduced a new line of heavy duty small tractors.

International Harvester originally introduced the Cub Cadet as a way to meet the demand and growing popularity of rural homes with large lawns.

The Cub Cadet brand grew over the years and became known for its innovation and top notch quality.

In 1981, MTD Products of Cleveland Ohio purchased the Cub Cadet brand from International Harvester. MTD still produces Cub Cadet products to this day.

The innovators at Cub Cadet have introduced many new and exciting features to the riding lawn mower market that have become the benchmark for others to chase.

A few of the innovations include:

  • The first and only 4 wheel zero turn riders with steering wheels
  • Zero turn riding mowers with the tightest turning radius
  • Tightest zero turn riding mower with a lap bar

Cub Cadet has brought many industry firsts to the market and continues to work diligently to bring the latest technology to consumers.

Today, Cub Cadet continues to expand due to its unstoppable commitment to quality and American ingenuity.

Now based in Valley City Ohio, the Cub Cadet brand operates engineering and manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Cub Cadet thinks of their products as being made in a place called Strongville. It’s a place where hard work, passion and American values come first.

Cub Cadet boldly and proudly says their products have been Made In The USA since 1961.

ForeverUSAMade proudly supports Cub Cadet in its efforts to produce high quality products right here in America!

latest price button for Cub Cadet Lawn Mower

We hope you enjoyed this article on What Lawn Mowers Are Made In The USA.

If you have any questions about these lawn mowers, or anything else, please leave a comment below and we will get right back with you. You can also hit the contact button in the top menu to send us an e mail.

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Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy & Lori

68 thoughts on “What Lawn Mowers Are Made In The USA?

  1. Jack Taylor

    It’s nice to see products that are still manufactured in the USA. Speaking of lawnmowers made in the USA, I remember when I was kid.

    My grand father had an old fashioned two wheel mechanical lawnmower. With a little WD40 it worked great every time. I still have it in the garage.

    I really like the Snapper walk behind mower. They’ve always made a good lawn mower. Thanks for the great info on lawnmowers.


    1. Jeremy Post author

      You are most welcome Jack!

      There are still tons of products being made in the USA and we have made it our goal to find & promote as many as we possibly can.

      I used to have to mow my grandmas lawn with one those mechanical mowers myself. My grandpa would sharpen the blades every other week and use some old 3 in 1 oil to keep it lubricated.

      I absolutely love Snapper walk behind mowers! Not only are they made right here in America, they are by far a superior product that can last a lifetime. Take care of it and it will take care of you. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by ForeverUSAMade Jack and please do let me know if I can help with anything.

      See ya’ soon. ~Jeremy

  2. Tom

    Jeremy & Lori,

    Thank you so very much for organizing this information! As an ardent American patriot, I am in love with the red, white, and blue! I’m more than sick and tired of American jobs being outsourced to cheaper labor markets overseas when wee need the jobs right here at home. I’m disgusted with the quality of Chinese made crap! I googled “American made lawn mowers” and your site popped up. Thank you for supporting American jobs and innovation. As an Army vet of 24 years, I salute you!


    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Tom!
      I hear you loud and clear my friend.
      This site is something we always wanted to do. It seems like no one is promoting American made products anymore and it just does not make any dam sense.
      We are the greatest Nation the planet has ever seen. We have the greatest workforce and working conditions on Earth. Why do people refuse to help themselves by buying stuff that is made right here?

      I know this site isn’t much yet, but we will try to do everything we possibly can to show the World that American made products are the best! From American made lawn mowers to American made work boots…If it’s Made In The USA, we will try our best to promote it!

      Now if there were only 8 days a week…:)

      We salute you my friend and we genuinely thank you for your service! Thank you.

      We are going to be redesigning the site if we can find that 8th day, so swing back by sometime and let us know how you like it?
      Thanks for stopping by ~Jeremy & Lori

  3. Jeff

    Thanks for the list. It really helped to identify brands that were made in the USA so I can avoid them.

    Made in the USA is not something that interests the other 7 billion people on the planet. In fact many of us actively try and avoid buying US producsts with the current unfair and illegal trade policies being enacted by your government.

    Thanks for the help

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Awesome that we could help you Jeff.
      Crazy America with their stupid labor laws that prevent forced child/slave labor!
      The ignorance of a minimum wage that is greater than most of the world’s “7 billion” people” make in a lifetime!
      Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! How dare thee!! Shouldn’t life be darkness, slavery and misery?!
      Thank you Jeff, for spotlighting the ignorance and outright bias some hold for a country that is the only hope left.
      Continue supporting evil Jeff and perhaps one day, like we always do, we will stop by and rescue you from tyranny and evil.
      You are welcome Jeff, for protecting you from the evil that exists in the world, weather you want it or not!
      When America falls, due to the ignorance of the sheep, the world will fall back to the dark ages.
      I hope Jeff, that some day you, and people like you, will realize exactly what America means to this world.
      Thanks for stopping by Jeff

      1. Ben

        Hi Jeremy,

        Thank you for compiling this information.
        I agree with your comments in regards to Jeff’s message.
        I live in Ontario Canada and can tell you that the “socialist experiment” is not going well up here.
        I will continue to purchase made in U.S.A. products in contrast to garbage CCP junk.

        Take care and God bless!


        1. Jeremy Post author

          Awesome Ben!
          How many socialists experiments must we suffer as humans.
          So long as American military might is present & vital, the world has hope. Without it, darkness and dread awaits all but the very very few.
          We salute you Ben & God bless you my friend!

      1. Jeremy Post author

        Well…I hate to call someone an idiot…but…Jeff is just one of sheep who have absolutely no idea what America actually means to this world. He has no idea how quickly evil would rule the world without us. He is also another of the cowards who lurk in the shadows…until evil finds him & he begs for rescue, just as the world begged for a savior when hitler nearly ruled the world.
        I thank God every day for America! If America falls, so will GOOD! Thanks for stopping by Brett. May freedom ring forever…Even for those who are too ignorant to realize what it means.

    2. Chris Arguello

      The only snapper push mower that is made in USA is the one with the disc drive, the brand new product line is almost certainly made in china

      1. Jeremy Post author

        Hi Chris,
        From the Snapper website –

        “Wondering if Snapper’s lawn equipment and outdoor power products are made in the USA? The Snapper brand takes pride in manufacturing lawn mowers, tractors, zero turn mowers and outdoor power products in America. Snapper mowers are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Munnsville, New York, and Tupelo, Mississippi”.

        Can you recommend any other lawn mowers that are made in the USA for us? We will gladly investigate & proudly recommend any & all products made in the USA.

        Thanks for stopping by & sharing your thoughts.

    3. Craig

      Ignorance is bliss Jeff. As they say, it’s better to be perceived as an idiot than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT !!! Here’s a little advice – Move Out Of Mommy & Daddy’s BASEMENT and get a life.Crai

    4. Greg E

      Charity starts at home and Chinese CPP are sure trying hard to keep a wave of young people entering their work force employed. I encourage all here to do the same….. Do what you do best!
      I encourage people to take care of their families, their neighbors, their state, their country and all western style democracies in that order with no bias for race.
      I am specifically here to not just try and buy American, but, failing that, NOT BUY CPP Chinese goods given their exceptionally long list of transgressions against their neighbors, shutting out Taiwan from orgs they joined just years ago….
      Buy American first, buy from Mexico/Canada, Korea, Thailand, Japan…just not Chinese products…..I’ver personal first hand experience of their IP theft and of their outright theft of manufacturing….that bleeds this country dry.

  4. John Fenton

    What about Simplicity? Owned by Briggs and made in USA…?

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey John,
      Yes, Simplicity has several manufacturing facilities across America, employing thousands of people.
      A great lawn mower/lawn equipment made in the USA indeed.
      Thanks for stopping by my friend & Happy Mowing! 🙂

  5. Jeannie

    My question about the Cub Cadet riding lawn mower is:
    Are all parts of this mower made in America or is the mower assembled in America with parts shipped from outside the USA?

    1. Jeremy Post author

      According to Cub Cadet’s website – “Cub Cadet has been Built in America since 1961”
      Here is a link to the Cub Cadet page – https://www.cubcadet.com/equipment/cubcadet/BuiltInAmerica
      Cub Cadet is a great American company employing thousands of Americans with good paying jobs.
      If you are considering a riding lawn mower, Cub Cadet is not only made in America, it is one of the highest rated lawn mowers available on the market today.
      All the best to you & thanks for stopping by 🙂

    2. David

      I’m sure certain parts are made in other countries like the electronics. I say no matter what you buy some portion of the money goes back to other countries more or less. I like to buy the product with the most American in it.

      1. Jeremy Post author

        Thank you David!
        Have an awesome week my friend!! 🙂

    3. Mike

      That’s every product at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, etc. they all claim made in America but I can guarantee these products are not 100% manufactured & assembled in the US. The term “made in America” is very lose but what they mean is assembled in the US but every part of that is manufactured elsewhere. Same thing with Ford, Chevy, etc. There’s no possible way 100% of that is made here when raw materials are being imported every day from overseas.

      1. Jeremy Post author

        Hey Mike.
        Sad but true my friend.
        At this point the best we can do is find the most “Made in USA” we can & try to reverse the sickening slide!
        Thanks for dropping by & fight the good fight!!

  6. Bob

    So what other riding mowers other then Club Cadet are there? Are ALL MTD brands manufactured here in the states? Briggs and Stratten engines? I also was looking at Troy Bilt because they are metal vs Cub Cadet are plastic.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Bob,
      Troy Bilt still has 5 plants operational in the USA and most of their mowers are made here. You will find some foreign parts, but not many. Troy Bilt is also owned by MTD, which has a very large American manufacturing presence, although they do some minor manufacturing in other countries primarily for products sold there.

  7. Gene

    The Cub Cadet website states they source parts “globally”. That means China, no thanks.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      You have to be real my friend. Even the Jeep, F-150, Corvette & Mustang contain some globally sourced parts. Does this mean you will go out and buy Toyota’s Honda’s & Nissan’s? I know I won’t…Will you? Cub Cadet & Snapper for me thanks. These companies employ 10’s of thousands of Americans with nearly 100% American sourced parts & thriving for more.
      Thanks for stopping by & have a great day 🙂

  8. Mark Schollmeyer


    Awesome site and thank you for sharing this with all of us. I currently have a John Deere JS63C Push Mower that I purchased back in 2005. At almost 15 years old, the machine still operates well. Unfortunately, John Deere no longer makes push mowers and that is really sad. Luckily, I am still able to purchase parts for this “nearly 15 year old” machine from my local John Deere dealer. When it finally wears out and I am unable to purchase parts for it any longer, I will probably look at a Snapper.

    I believe “Made In The USA” so all of us can keep our jobs. Thanks again, Sir for the information and keep spreading the word.


    1. Jeremy Post author

      You are most welcome Mark!
      Awesome that your Deere is still kicking after 15 years.
      Snapper is definitely a mower worth getting. It’s been rated one of the top mowers for many years…& Its made right here int USA!
      We will continue to do everything we can to promote product made in the USA. We all have to take ownership in our future or we won’t have one.
      Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  9. Keith L. Holom

    Who Made Lawn Keeper 50 walk-behind Lawn Mower I cannot read the serial tag i was looking for a couple parts

    Thank you

  10. Keith L. Holom

    Who made Lawn Keeper 50 Walk-behind Lawn Mower I cannot read the serial Number because it is all faded and scratched The Body is Red with white lettering with Lawn Keeper 50 or 60 at the front of Engine on the body. I believe it has a Briggs and Stratton engine on it I was looking for a couple parts for the Body

    Thank you

  11. Keith L. Holom

    Hello Jeremy
    Can you tell me who Made “Lawn Keeper 50 or 60 ” walk-behind Lawn Mower I cannot see the serial tag very well It is Faded and all scratched It is red body, has lawn Keeper in front of engine on the Body,with Handicap (big) wheels on the Back, regular wheels on the front It has a Briggs and Stratton engine on it The first number looks like a B or an 8 But that is all I can read Then I cannot read the Next 2 or 3 numbers But then I see 600 AR
    then the Numbers I see are M122089 1000610 Please Help me Please

    Thank you

    1. Jeremy Post author

      I wanna say those were Bolens, but I also remember a Craftsman rider line called Lawn keeper.
      Almost positive you’re looking at a Bolens. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. Jimmie

    Most lawnmowers may say there made in U.S.A but it’s only assembled Here Briggs and Stratton is one of them if you do research on there small engine for a walk behind mower you will find out that the engine parts are from China Cub Cadet mowers have power more engine made in China made to there spec

    1. Jeremy Post author

      I here what you’re saying Jimmie, but what we are tyring to do is pick the absolute most made in the USA products available to us.
      Most lawn mowers do not say made in USA due to the simple fact that our market is so flooded with foreign products. There are certain criteria that must be met to make the made in USA claim.
      Since the Trump administration took control, people are beginning to realize the position we have put ourselves in. As a direct result of Trump’s policies and actions, we have seen an amazing resurgence in American manufacturing with 100’s of thousands of jobs & thousands of new plants. Snapper & Cub Cadet are 2 great American companies that provide 100’s of thousands of direct and indirect jobs & benefits through their American manufacturing activities.
      Hopefully this trend continues to the point where everything we buy is made right here in the USA!
      Thanks for dropping by Forever USA Made.com. We salute your efforts to buy American first 🙂

  13. Kevin Ferry

    Not all Snapper mowers are made in the US. While reading customer reviews on the Home Depot website, two of them specifically mentioned that the mower (at least the body) was made in China. I’m very disappointed, because I need a mower soon, and was hoping to buy American made. Please let me know if my information is inaccurate, or if you determine that any of their push mowers, not just the motors, are made in the US. Thanks.
    Snapper Model # 1687915

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Kevin,
      Here is a direct quote from the Snapper website:
      “Wondering if Snapper’s lawn equipment and outdoor power products are made in the USA? The Snapper brand takes pride in manufacturing lawn mowers, tractors, zero turn mowers and outdoor power products in America. Snapper mowers are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Munnsville, New York, and Tupelo, Mississippi”.
      I will look more deeply into this. As for now, Snapper lawn products are the most American made and fully manufactured in the USA.
      We applaud your efforts in purchasing American made products! Thank you my friend 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by

    2. Bob Painter

      Not all of the Snapper mowers are made in America. After checking this website I ordered an electric cordless Snapper mower thinking I was buying American. Listed on the deck was “Assembled in China” On the box was “Made in China” I shipped it back and I’m still searching for the elusive “Made in America” cordless electric lawn mower.

      1. Jeremy Post author

        Sorry to hear this Bob!
        I seen the ad at the top of the article & immediately had it removed and will from now on require approval before add placement.
        It has been replaced now!
        I will make it my mission to find an American made electric mower, or if there are none I will find the most American made electric mower.
        Are you looking for electric only?

        1. CP

          Don’t know about Bob, but I’d LOVE an american-made electric lawn mower. I’m wondering if there are any?

          Electric only!

  14. Nick

    Are all Snapper products made in USA? Chain saws, etc. Also, electric mowers? Quite a variety they put out.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hey Nick,
      Not sure on other products, but I’ll do some digging! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by

    2. GregEdwards

      All electric products from Snapper are sourced from China! Please Snapper, bring it home or at least out of CHINA!

  15. Guest

    Y’all do realize China has basically been made in the USA since the second world war. ; )

    Buy American, vote Republican, and punch a Democrat for good measure.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Yeah, I get your point. If we don’t buy it, they can’t sell it!
      Buy American, vote for who has proven they put America first & reason with anyone who doesn’t understand why 🙂
      Let’s don’t punch anyone, but let’s learn from failed policies of the past that let us become a slave to the products of a communist government.
      We the people are the ones who can and will correct these mistakes.
      Thanks for stopping by & thanks for buying American

    2. IdahoTim

      I think you meant to say “USA has been Made In China…”
      USA makes hardly anything and our entire economy is controlled by China.

      Don’t think so?
      Try to spend a month NOT buying anything from China.

      You cannot do it, and that’s sad.

      1. Mike

        Right on! You can blame our politicians in D.C. giving all this business to China. Many companies claim made in U.S. means some are assembled here yet from parts made across the seas.

        1. Jeremy Post author

          I hear you Mike!
          I get the importance of having decent trading partners, but china?…Come on man!!
          The chinese communists are everything we stand against. How many good men & women have died in Vietnam fighting the spread of this filthy disease called communism? How many more in other wars?
          This is who we decide should be one of our biggest trading partners??? It’s a slap in the face to anyone who fought this filth!!
          The only major figure speaking out against the dangers of the chinese communist party is Trump & no one is listening! It will be our (& the worlds) downfall if things don’t change soon.
          Fight the good fight my friend!!!

  16. Marty

    What about Husqvarna. Thought they manufactured mowers in the US?

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hi Marty.
      I will look deeply into this and make amendments if warranted.
      Thanks for the heads up my friend!

  17. IdahoTim

    I had a Snapper Cordless 48V Max in the shopping cart ready to buy because I thought it was Made in USA.

    Luckily, I read one of the reviews on Snapper’s web site that made me dump the cart.

    Great Mower Big Disappointment
    This mower looks and works great! However I purchased it because website and ALL reviews said it was MADE IN USA. However, when it came, every part of it is made in CHINA. I feel greatly mislead by the advertising and promotion and now locked into purchasing tools that comply with batteries and charger also made in CHINA.

    Response from Snapper:
    Customer Support · 4 days ago
    I sorry if there was a misunderstanding. Some Snapper products are manufactured in the US and the Snapper battery products are assembled in China with the lead design and engineering team located at the Briggs & Stratton headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

    Shame on you Snapper!!

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Thanks for the tip Tim!
      Hopefully Snapper will show some patriotism & reverse more of this ridiculous manufacturing of goods in china!
      Snapper is a great American company employing thousands of Americans in plants across the country, but that does not excuse this.
      The Snapper brand means quality. There is no reason whatsoever these electric mowers can’t be made here!
      I am one voice, but I will use it to ask Snapper to bring all manufacturing home…Where it belongs…In the USA!!
      If you read this Snapper, please feel free to respond, a small community of Americans awaits your response…

  18. Dennis

    I read the headline and part of the article and because of that I bought the Snapper electric/battery mower instead of the Greenworks. I thought the Snapper was made in the US and I know the others are not. When I was unpacking I saw the dreaded Made in China near the bottom of the box. I am pissed. Not sure if I will return it but I will be more careful with everything in the future.
    Sent an email to customer service and they responded with a short snarky answer. Probably in China as well.

  19. Ed

    Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for doing this. I have a small landscape company and was bummed out when I found out I could not get a replacement small engine for most of my equipment made outside china. Some of the bigger engines are made in places other than China. Hopefully, if we support our American companies they will continue to repatriate to the us. Maybe there will be an entrepreneur who will find a cost effective way to do it. I know Honda is not American but I’m seeing only one plant of 5 in China that makes their GX and GV series motors. https://engines.honda.com/oem-resources/manufacturing-locations. Maybe Snapper can make a deal with Honda to at least redirect the supply chain. As of now I’m in as American as possible mode. The next level for me is made outside of China.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Awesome Ed!
      Only we the people can force change. We are one of the few places on Earth where this is true.
      Good luck to you my friend & have an awesome week!!

  20. Gary

    Solely buying something made in America is 3rd on my priority list.

    1. Union Made in the USA
    2. Union Made
    3. Made in the USA

    Can you tell us what products have been made my employees working under a CBA? As a member of the working class, I prefer to support my fellow workers, as opposed to the CEOs and other executives who produce nothing, yet take so much. Remember their salaries and profits come from driving down the wages, benefits, and conditions of the workers.

  21. Bryan D Elkins

    The new Honda mowers are made in USA to include engines and probably one of the best mowers out there. produced in North Carolina I believe. They support many local manufacturing plants and push quality. Can you check them out for us Jeremy?

  22. JTex

    I am INSTANTLY a fan of this site. Thank you for providing this information (and defending against anti-american trolls). MAY FREEDOM REIGN

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Awesome JT!!
      This is the greatest country in the history of the planet & will always be defended by me!
      Let freedom ring my friend

  23. Edward Daly


    I need USA made parts for an old Lawn Boy. Do you know where I can get them? I go out of my way always to look for American made products.

    Thanks. It looks like you are doing a great job.

  24. Robin Gilmore

    The Automower Solar Hybrid by Husqvarna USA robotic mower is amazing. The greatest part about this mower is that it runs partly on solar power. This mower also has its own dock which will enable it to be recharged whenever it is on low battery mode.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Awesome Robin!
      A hybrid lawn mower…Who woulda thought 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by & BUY AMERICAN!!

  25. James

    Forget American made, which products are UNION made? I know John Deere is, also John Deere forces companies that it does business with to treat their employees well that is why all of my mowers/tractors are and will be JD green.

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Hi James!
      I have been a union worker my entire life. I completely agree with the sentiment.
      As the assault on organized labor by governments & corporations around the world continues with ever increasing vigor, it is getting harder to find union made products. We sallute you for going out of your way to find union made products made in the USA!!
      Thanks for dropping by & BUY AMERICAN!!

  26. Ana Maria

    I am looking for a self push old time lawn mower made in the USA that that doesn’t cost me an arm or a leg, am a sr citizen trying to cut my own grass. I don’t want to buy anything from China but I am not finding anything local (Tampa) . Can any one help me with a suggestion?
    Thank you in advance


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