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A little about us and Forever USA Made.com.About Forever USA Made

Hi and welcome to Forever USA Made!

I’m Jeremy and this is my wife Lori.

Forever USA Made is a dream that we thought of years ago together.

Our goal for this website is to abolish the myth that nothing is made in America anymore.

About 15 years ago, we decided to make a real effort to start buying American made products whenever possible.

About Forever USA Made

What we discovered was that there are still a lot of great American companies who still make stuff right here in the USA.

Our main focus will be on American companies who make things here, but we will also show some products that are being made here by foreign companies.

The biggest benefit to our country is when we buy American made products from American companies. However, there are also benefits to buying things made in the US from outside companies when you have to.

Believe it or not, there are companies who make things here simply because they want to display the “Made in the USA” tag on their products.

While the bottom line profit may leave the US in the end, we still benefit from the jobs provided and other economic activity associated with the process.

We also discovered that there are times when you really can’t find certain things you need that are made in the US. In these rare cases, it is completely understandable to buy when you need to buy.

There may be times when you plain and simply can’t afford the USA made product and you are forced to buy the cheaper alternative. We get it, we have to do it sometimes ourselves.

Our goal is not to shame anyone, ever.

What we hope to do is to find every product possible that is made in the USA and show them to you on this website.

We want to talk about each product and provide as much information as we can to help everyone make an informed decision.

As often as we can, we will review each product and search our affiliate partners to find the very best place to buy each product.

Just because we are looking for products made in America doesn’t mean that we won’t be looking for the best deal. Suppliers often have different prices for the same item and it’s our job to find the one with the best deal.

Any time you have a question about a product, please feel free to drop us a reply and we will find out anything you want to know about it.

We want to be your go to source for anything having to do with American made goods.

We promise to work diligently towards achieving that goal.

When we all make a real effort towards buying American made products, we all benefit in some way. I personally take pride in owning things that proudly display the “Made in the USA” tag.

I’m Jeremy…And I’m Lori. It has been awesome meeting you!

Together we can and will make a difference.

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