What Cookware Is Made In The USA

By | September 1, 2017

Looking to buy cookware, but would like to know what cookware is made in the USA? Are there any cookware sets made in the usacookware sets made in the USA anymore?

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Today I would like to address a question that was asked of us recently.

Cookware sets…Made in the USA…Is it even possible?

Well, the simple answer is yes, absolutely!

In fact, there are still quite a few great cookware sets still being produced right here in The United States of America.

How? By who?

Let’s dig right in and find out.

Any time you have a question such as this one, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The goal of this website is to address questions just like this one. Any time we see an opportunity to spread the word about great American made products, we will do so.

Some of the absolute best cookware that you can buy is produced right here in America.

Here are our top 4 American cookware manufacturers.


Back in 1959, John and Russell Bundy started a commercial bake-ware company producing high quality USA Pan Cookwarecommercial bake-ware.

With an unrelenting desire to make the absolute best bake-ware products that professional customers desired, they built the company into the world’s largest and most trusted commercial bake-ware brand.

Seeing an opportunity to expand into the retail consumer market, in 2009 the company started USA PAN.

This was a way for the company to provide everyday chefs and bakers with a commercial quality cookware experience that provides professional quality results.

As of now, 3 generations of the Bundy family have owned and operated the company in a small town just outside the Pittsburgh area.

USA PAN wants to make the Made in America tag special to every customer who uses their products.

USA PAN is a family owned business that has built a special relationship with it’s customers through reliability, trust, integrity and a relentless pursuit of delivering the best quality cookware you can buy.

USA PAN has continued it’s deep commitment to keeping manufacturing and manufacturing jobs right here in the USA, unlike many cookware companies who have abandoned the American worker for a few extra dollars profit.

ForeverUSAMade.com salutes USA PAN in its efforts to continue producing high quality cookware, with American workers, right here at home.


In 1967, a small metal company named Clad Metals was created that specialized in making bonded metals All-Clad Cookwarefor a host of industries.

Founder John Ulam held 50 U.S. patents and is the one responsible for the way coins that we use today are made. Through John’s discoveries, the U.S. mint was able to move away from solid silver coins and move to layered and bonded metals.

In 1971, after years spent perfecting his metal bonding formulas, John created ALL-Clad Metalcrafters and began manufacturing high quality bonded cookware for professional chefs and and people seeking professional grade cookware to use at home.

The ALL-Clad brand took off when people experienced ALL-Clad’s superior cooking abilities. ALL-Clad cookware is now used by some of the world’s top rated chefs and aspiring home cooks alike.

To this day, ALL-Clad is proudly made by American workers, with American steel in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Each piece is handcrafted to the highest standard.

ForeverUSAMade.com is proud to promote this great American cookware maker.

LifeTimeLifeTime Cookware

In West Bend, Wisconsin, way back in 1909, Rynolds Metal began making the LifeTime line.

Throughout the years, ownership has changed many times through mergers and acquisitions.

Several generations of the Reigle family have guided the company through several depressions and a constantly changing manufacturing environment.

Their commitment and desire to produce top quality housewares has earned the company much respect in the consumer market.

Today, LifeTime is produced by Regal Ware.

In 2002, Regal Ware acquired the assets of another house-ware maker in Wisconsin called the West Bend Aluminum Company.

Regal incorporated the workforce with its own, and continued producing high quality housewares with the skills and expertise of both companies.

The Reigle family has remained steadfast in its commitment to manufacturing high quality cookware right here in the USA.

It’s not uncommon to see people working in the plants who are 3rd generation Regal Ware employees. Regal Ware is a stamp of quality found on cookware and small appliances everywhere in the world.

Our hats off to the Reigle family for its decades long commitment to the American working family!


We all love stainless steel cookware, but let’s not forget about the awesome flavor produced by a properly Lodge Cookwareseasoned cast iron skillet!

Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, in a small town called South Pittsburg, in the state of Tennessee, Joseph Lodge started his first foundry named the Blacklock Foundry in 1896.

The company grew until a devastating fire burned down the foundry in 1910.

A few months later, Joseph reopened the company a few blocks away and the Lodge Manufacturing Company was born.

The Lodge line of cookware has seen it’s share of ups and downs during depressions and wars.

During the 30’s, Lodge did anything it could to keep people working and the furnaces fired. They produced and sold things like cast iron animals and other knickknacks to keep the paychecks coming to their employees.

Today, Joseph Lodge’s great grandsons continue with his extreme commitment to producing a high quality product through innovation and a desire to be the best.

In 2002, Lodge introduced its line of pre-seasoned cookware. They were the first to accomplish this innovative idea that takes the hassle and time out of seasoning a new cast iron skillet. It has now become a standard in the industry.

Lodge has expanded several times over the years and recently broke ground on a distribution center and a brand new foundry to keep pace with the demand for their highly sought after products.

ForverUSAMade salutes Lodge for its more than 2 centuries of manufacturing great products right here in the USA!

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We salute your efforts in finding the highest quality products made right here in America!

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